Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I'm so frustrated with Blogger! I just realized how limiting to the blogging experience Blogger is. I can't create a unique page for archive links. I've been editing Jhann's template and I can't finish it because I can't figure how to make an Archives and Links page. If somebody knows how, please message me.

Another thing that frustrated me these past 2 day is figuring out what went wrong with http://www.kabataanparty.com. We've been troubleshooting it for 2 days now and it still needs to be tweaked here and there. Is it just me of looking at codes for 12 hours straight just gives you headaches? hehe.

What frustrates me the most is that mabagal ang PL organizing sa amin. Meron naman pero for something that involves a traditional activity katulad ng National Elections, you would expect more response. Baka hindi pa talaga geared ang mga tao sa pagre-recruit for Kabataan. Kailangan siguro mag-discuss ng memo. Hmp. Itaga mo sa bato. Personal target ko sa recruitment a day ay 20.

Mode: Inaantay si mahal.
Watching: Meerkat Mansion on Animal Planet

Thursday, January 11, 2007


The day of our actual anniversary was pretty much uneventful in the traditional sense meaning it was not filled with bouquets of roses, ,wine and fine dining. It was a series of meetings for the both of us. I must have pushed myself too hard considering I just recovered from a fever the day before. The next day, I woke up and soon realized that I overslept! It was 12nn and I lost my voice again and muscles were aching. Mahal and I really need a health program. We always forget to take our vitamins. We can't afford to be sick during election period.

Sharon and Rudy

I don't know what the title of this movie but it's driving me crazy (Kung Kailangan Mo Ako?). Mahal is having the time of his life watching it. It's such a noisy film! It's so typical. I really just hate how they portray "mataray" in romantic-comedy/action movies. It's so pa-cute. Notice how Sharon, Maricel, Judy Ann and heck even Toni Gonzaga are practically from the same mold when they "make taray" to their leading man at the start of the movies. Ang ingay! Sumasakit ang ulo ko sa kanila. Really, character development and depth naman. From someone who has been tagged as mataray all her life, I feel insulted. Siguro nga mataray ako pero hindi naman RUDE. Nakakasawa din kasi panoorin. Nakakarindi.

Speaking of nakakarindi, isa pang nakakarindi sa mundo ay ang mga magaling mag-angas. kine-claim nila na sharp sila pero sa aktwal, it yung mga tao na hindi willing na gumampan ng mga gawain just for convenience. Namimili ng gawain. At higit sa lahat, backstabbers. Magaling lang mag-salita kapag wala na sa pulong pero sa labas nito ay mapanira. Ibibigyan mo ng venue para basagin ang mga liberalismo sa katawan pero tumatanggi sa evaluation at hindi dumadalo sa mga pulong. Mga ganoon.

No one should ever claim that one is sharp. Ang panahon at kasaysayan ang magtatakda kung sino ang mga matatalas.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Starting Anew

I'm yet back again to the blogging world as I start my third online diary. The first one I deleted. A certain friend told me that blogging is a security risk...letting your regular activities known and readily available for anyone to use. With the spate of political killings and abductions, I clicked "Delete" on my whole blog. My blog was not that interesting anyway.

Now that certain friend is now my boyfriend of exactly 1 year today and he's been urging me for the past 3 days to start a blog since he started his own. Part of his New Year's Resolutions, he says, to practice writing. Joiner naman ako eh. Just as there are gym buddies, we are blog buddies. We don't want to get lazy after the 1st month, do we?

My Resolution as a blogger? Blog about what I see and not just about what I feel.

What I see, I tell.


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