Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pampanga, Philippines

Our provinces continuous efforts to improve their respective regions are unmistakably living up to the tag that the Philipines is one Asian country worth visiting due to its countless and varied tourist destinations. 

Pampanga is one province in central Luzon which lives up to its name: a river bank. Generally the body of land at the side of a river, wherein it reflects the status of the water- may it be a radiant green carpet of grass means reflecting healthy river or the exact opposite. 

The province lies on the northern shore of Manila Bay; bordered by Bataan and Zambales at its west, Tarlac and Nueva Ecija at the north, and Bulacan in the northeast. With farming and fishing as the main industry of Pampanga its products revolve around rice, corn, sugar cane, and tilapia. 

And may I say that because of its native’s drive to turn it into a metropolitan-like region: from transportation and tourism, water and power, telecommunication, to education systems; they have prospered evidently and now has a wide variety of goods, facilities, and tourist spots. 

Pampanga is considered the culinary capital of the Philippines, with well known dishes such as kare-kare (stewed beef and ox tail in peanut sauce usually dipped in shrimp paste), sisig (pork marinated in a sour liquid such vinegar, then seasoned with salt, pepper and other spices), and kinilaw (meat or fish, fruits and vegetables sourly cooked with vinegar or other souring agents flavored with combinations of condiments). 

Festivals are held throughout the year, as towns and cities celebrate in honor of their patron saints. Not to mention the prominent events during February and December: Hot Air balloon festival and Giant Lantern Festival respectively. 

The city of San Fernando, Pampanga’s capital is the place to be when visiting tourist spots such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, Paskuhan Village, and Benigno Aquino Hall to name a few. Additionally there are several Historical landmarks, museums and monuments, as well as parks to be visited for a truly memorable vacation. 

With this we can affirm that the river bank occupied by a rich, diverse flora and fauna reflects how it is presently doing; supporting the ever flowing waters which cater to the needs of its dependants. As well as passively making a name for itself: with its distinctiveness and coping capability. 

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Scrubs Separates

I've recently taken up the bad habit of just using scrub pants separately from the top. I wear the pants as lounge pants and pajamas at home. They are so comfortable to wear that I wear them almost everyday.My brother, who works as a care giver, acquired this habit of mine. Alas! The other day, we noticed that the top and the pants are not the same color anymore. The pants looked incredibly faded against the top. As a set, it looked sloppy, which is unacceptable for helth care providers.

My solution, buy new scrub pants to match a relatively new looking top. Bottoms can be bought separately anyway. They would not exactly match but it would look neater than what he has now.

As scrub bottoms are being sold separately, I advised my brother to buy extra bottoms to wear at home as lounge pants. And I also asked him  to buy extra pairs for me to use at  where my aunts and cousins buy their scrubs. I like how their scrubs are specifically designed for women; they produce suits that complement my curves and I look slimmer in them than my normal clothes.

Good thing we learned our lesson with scrub suits. Imagine the cost if my brother wore his pants and coat of his formal suit as separates. The lesson here kids, is to NEVER wear sets of clothes separately.


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