Saturday, March 01, 2008

Not so Random Things

March 01, 2008

Grr... it's been a long time since I put up a decent post. After the wedding, I had to catch up with my subjects.

Then, this NBN-ZTE thing with Jun Lozada... hay! To make the long story short, my organization joined Youth ACT Now (Youth for Accountability and Truth Now) and all its members have been busy with press conferences, forums, meetings and other activities for the past 2 weeks. To our Youth ACT Now friends, congratulations to all of us. We did well at the interfaith rally yesterday. Sa March 6 naman! ;)

I met Jun Lozada at Baclaran Church. Youth ACT Now went there for the "Misa Para sa Katotohanan" and we gave him a Youth ACT Now shirt. He was supposed to wear it at a forum but the organizers didn't want him to. Boo! What did Jun Lozada tell us?

" Dapat kumilos na kayo (Youth). I believe in the goodness of your hearts."

Thanks, Mr. Lozada. We also believe in you.

Went to the Interfaith Rally yesterday. Ang daming tao! The PNP estimate of 20-000-50,000 was so insulting. I was at the front and center of the stage with the photographers and we were packed like sardines; it's impossible to fall over. It took me about 30 minutes to be able to get out of the crowd. That rally was 80,000 people at the very least.

I took pictures of the rally but I have yet to develop the film. Yes, I use a manual SLR. Sue me. Better yet, click on my ads or donate some money for my DSLR fund so I can buy a second hand Nikon D40 or a Canon 400D. Oh please, please pity us and donate. My husband is desperate for a DSLR that he makes clicking noises with an imaginary camera tooooo often now.

While walking along Ayala Avenue when the rally ended, we saw a black labrador from the Explosives division of the PNP. He looks just like my Bebong, I couldn't resist. Jhann and I played with the dog and asked a few tips from the PNP how to take care of a lab. When I asked what shampoo they use on their dog,

"Palmolive. Yung pink."

How macho. Make the dog muy gwapito! Today I bathed Bebong using 2 sachets of Palmolive.

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  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Why would you be insulted with an estimate coming from government or the PNP? They can't count! :)

    But honestly, why make such a fuzz over Jun Lozada? He tried to make his bones with the Arroyo's and the de Venecias' but he failed, so now he comes crying wolf... We all know how corrupt this government is, it's up to us to change this. We don't need no Jun Lozada - it would be an insult to us Filipinos if our patriotism only depended on whistle blowers! Do your thing may there be J Lozada's or none! More power to your ACT movement eh!

    "Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism".

  2. Admin4:14 PM

    And I agree. Be there be Jun Lozada, we need to be vigilant about corruption.



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