Friday, February 18, 2011

We Wear Scrubs at Home

February 18, 2011

A significant number of my relatives and immediate family are health care providers. My late mother was a registered nurse; my father and brother and 3 of my aunts are Care Givers; another aunt is a Dental Assistant. On some days, it feels like a hospital at home with everyone walking around in their cotton nursing scrubs.

Medical scrubs are those lightweight pants and shirts originally worn only by surgeons. It has now found its way out of the surgery room and are now being worn by most of medical practitioners. It was designed to be comfortable, making it easy to move around quickly. Scrub sets are composed of v-neck, short-sleeved shirts, and drawstring pants. The simple design was also for the purpose that they are easy to clean; there is very little space for dirt or grim to hide in these clothes.

With the number of health care practitioners in our family, we are definitely on the look-out and in need of cheap medical uniforms. My aunts buy hospital scrubs for the family by bulk as they get a better deal doing so. My dad’s scrubs are always in the shade of blue. My aunts prefer pastel colors such as lavender and pink. My dental practitioner aunt prefers those scrub tops with cartoon characters on it because she usually works with kids; kids are more relaxed when they see their favorite cartoon character. I have seen a good variety of scrubs. Or so I thought. Just recently,  when I was doing the laundry, I saw this ridiculously bright pink scrub suit. It was my brother’s. He and a couple of his friends from the office agreed to get same color scrubs for fun. As his friends at work are mostly female, he was outvoted with the color. Once a week, a 6 foot tall man with broad shoulders walks around the infirmary in a hot pink scrub suit. His female co-workers could not get over it. 

Blue Sky Scrubs offer Scrub Suits specifically designed for women. I like their scrubs because they produce  suits that complement the curves of a woman. They have the Simple Scrubs for Women, where they make your basic well-made scrub suit. Colors available are . Then they have the Original Scrubs line where more colors such as lavender and carnegie green are available. The contrasting stitching gives a fashionable twist to an otherwise boring uniform. Both lines of scrubs have one pocket on the shirt and two back pockets on the pants.Did you know where you actually look slimmer in them than your normal clothes. Working in scrubs does not mean that one cannot show their eye for fashion nor how they look well groomed and womanly. Monochromatic clothing plus good fitting clothes do wonders with a woman's silhouette, does it not?

A well-fitted scrub suit does not only benefit the looks. It also benefits how a woman performs her duties. Well-fitted clothes help in performing tasks better because you are more comfortable in moving about.An ill-fitting uniform can be a nuisance, especially in the medical field.

Consider Blue Sky Scrubs when you buy hospital scrubs. These are well made products who understand the particular need of women in the medical field. They offer competitive prices for a good selection of scrub suits. You may also buy separate tops or bottoms from them.

Faded old scrubs do not go to waste. I use my aunt’s worn scrubs, those she does not use anymore, at home. I find cotton scrubs comfortable to wear. I lounge at home and do housework in these. I understand now why they wear these. It’s so easy to move about in these clothes. Sometimes, I even sleep in them. They’re so comfy and cool, and easier to wash too. So yes, I repeat, sometimes, the house feels like a hospital with everyone wearing scrubs in different colors. lol.

Do you wear scrubs even if you are not from the medical field? 

Talking about scrubs made me remember that one of my favorite shows circa 2002 or so was "Scrubs" with Zach Braff. Hilarious take on the life in the medical field. 

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