Friday, May 11, 2007

A Reply to my Brother

May 11, 2007

I wrote this as a reply to my brother's post. I think he embodies a typical sheltered kid very much similar to who I was a couple of years ago. I just want to make him understand where I'm coming from... i just hope it's COHERENT.

" in the philippines are limited to nursing, pt, ot, and pre med."

Of course it's limited to those courses precisely because the government only provide for what Canada, the US or Australia need as workers. Right now, there is a demand for medical workers (nurses, caregivers especially) but it will reach a saturation point 3-4 years from now just like what happened with the computer technology world (and Nursing in the 70's even! Ask mama why she decided to take up nursing in the first place).

Graduating with a college degree does not assure you of a job in the Philippines. Graduating with a degree also does not mean you will end up practicing your field in case you are lucky to get a job. How many of my batch mates graduates of so and so degree from this oh so expensive university/ college end up in a call center? Mind you with out of school youth, a working student as a co-worker or even a boss! Even our own parents, relatives graduated with a college degree and how many of them actually practice in their field?

" sister isn't taking the working life seriously"

Thank you for making it specific to work. :P Though I might say that I am a bit hurt. Like I always say, money isn't always everything. We may need some but we don't need all. I hope you keep this in mind. I hope you learn that help in our family does not mean "financial" as our relatives in Canada have shown their support for you(though I do know some relatives here who ask for "help" and expect cash). That's what I do. I help people but not for or through cash. And I don't help just our family. Our family is in a far better situation compared to millions of other families here. This I take seriously I am willing to offer my whole self to it. It's what makes me happy and whole. I hope you try to understand. To understand, sometimes you have to put yourself in my shoes.

About parting ways, and still in connection to my earlier thoughts: Growing up or taking a path different from YOUR expectations doesn't STRIP love from us. The situation and the love is just different. You have built a relationship in the past but don't expect it to be the same and don't expect that what you want is the best way. (Di ba sabi mo love is a choice?) We must make a choice to love these people a different way. And anyway, that's what makes Filipino families distinct, we are extremely loyal to our families no matter what.

Yun lang. I'm sorry i made you away kanina sa YM. Magaling ka naman talaga magsulat pero minsan kasi... you're so Emo! Can i also claim that you got your talent from me?



For reference this is my brother's post.

the irony of "home"

11 days abroad and i already have my own set of things to contemplate on. at first i never really wanted to go here for reasons i kept on pushing to myself like i'd be better off in the philippines doing my own thing, bumming around during summer. but now i realized that the promise of graduating in my mother country would not be fruitful when i would to decide that i want to go and work abroad. like hello? broadcasting? what do i do with broadcasting here in canada? it's a competitive course here unlike what i discussed with my parents and my relatives. medical courses on the other hand would be useful here since the dynamism of job opportunities for those courses in the medical field works and pays. and mind you there are far more courses here than i imagined since courses in the philippines are limited to nursing, pt, ot, and pre med. so i came to the conclusion of finishing mass comm and then taking a second degree in physical therapy. hey with two courses i could go two ways depending on what would be the best here after five years or so. after which i could get a stable job and visit the philippines annually and provide support for my parents, knowing that my sister isn't taking the working life seriously. so i hope i could keep this promis to myself, one thing that's been bugging me for a week already.

life at it's worst could'nt get better for the past few days. just met with my cousins, some doing fine; but some i can't even understand how they could stray away like that from a life raised in a developed country. compared to the philippines, a known corrupt third world country, shouldn't they be living better compared to us? i mean to me. my concern for my family and relatives is the only thing that motivates me right now to strive for a better life abroad. one major fact that concerns me right now is how time can strip relationships with people you love from you. aside from the fact that some of my cousins have schools to attend to, right now the time we spent during gatherings proved that we could never regain what we've built when we were younger. right now, i'm much closer with my kuya paolo, darryl, bucky ate lara and jay compared to bj which i seldom see right now. i mean, i knew we were best buds then but right now, it all seems wrong. well we're all growing up in different directions aren't we? so i think we've already crossed the point in which we could be that close and almost inseparable. but i miss bj so much, dang thank god i have my kuyas as drinking and smoking buddies here. i did open it up to kuya paolo but having all of them as company is the best temporary medecine for me.

i realized that i missed my relatives so much now that i see them almost everyday, that is until friday this week. i don't want to leave right now, i don't even want to go home at the 29th. it sucks that i have to go home to such a corrupt and disorganized country. i'm just glad that i won't be there during the hotter summer days and the elections. i can't take my mind of the fact that i'm seeing my favorite uncles here, uncle ray, june, nenec and ben, and my lovable titas, tita mai, joy and josie of course. this week has been both the best, literally of my whole stay here and emotionally the worst; it's a mix of both happiness and disappointment, i love my life.

now, realizing that the reason for my friends decision to leave for abroad had its important points. for one the united states lives for its taxes which is from the people and for the people; u.s.a. is an economical friendly country; the weather is fairly fine compared to the philippines' inhumane temperature rise every now and then; the positive look of people towards life and their jobs, bringing smiles with them to work; highways are better, which i mean better labled and directed towards destinations; lastly the fair and organized circulaton of money within each state in the country. don't get me wrong, i love the philippines but i can't help comparing life here abroad and at home.

i have at least three more weeks here, i still haven't met up with sean, red and king. hope the plan on the 28th would push through. in total i've spent 20 us$ and 50 canadian$. i haven't even bought my ipod, camera, and psp yet. i hope our trip back to oregon would be better that our 1st trip. now i'm wondering if i could bring souvenirs for my friends back home. i think i'll just bombard them with chocolates and lucky five will get their planned perfume, flip flops, etc. nyaha i can't please all of them right? i know i can bring rs myself back fit and safely, the only thing he wished for me.

another good thing in visiting relatives, aside from their support towards your goals in life is the blessings you get from them. besides the fact that i was able to spend time with them, getting backgrounds on job opportunities, the do's and dont's here, and driving!, they were able to give me so much more than words i can use in reaching my goal in life. all this time i wasn't expecting anything from any of them but i recieved money and a portable dvd player, a big wow for me since i needed one for myself. the television in my room doesn't fit the entire film on screen so it was a useful gift for me. i just hope mom and dad would'nt ask me to lend it to them. dang~ i love my relatives.

aside from my usual hobby of net surfing, volleyball, soundtrip, reading and games(somehow), my cousins hooked me up with cars, that includes parts, accesories, painting and the works. dang i want to drive a.s.a.p. not only that i want to drive a manual pickup truck- a pink one haha. hopefully tita josie could train me tomorrow or on thursday. well what else do i need to discuss here? weather's been great, it always feels like air conditions doing a full blast on all parts of your body exposed.

well that's it for now~ iv'e written all my concerns for people here a.f.a.i.k. including my relatives, cousins..., parents, life... well it's 11:50pm here and i'm retiring for the night though i'm still not sleepy. hope tomorrow would be a better day, a better night i suppose since there will be another family gathering at tita heidi's. that's the irony of home, the thought of going back, and literally how much better life is here.

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