Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sanggunian Elections

February 21, 2007

The Sanggunian ng Mag-aaral ng Ateneo just held its elections for new officers for the next school year last February 15 & 16. Two parties went head to head with each other. Challenging the dominant party Agila is the newly formed Partido Ignacio.

We are yet to see the official result but let me just point out a few things about this elections:

The Electoral Process

This elections were held earlier than usual and there was a lack of visual information on the whole electoral process, that is, from informing the students of the start of filing of candidacies, to the deadline of filing, the miting de avance. In fairness to the COMELEC, they encouraged the Ateneans to vote and they were able to reach their quota at an earlier time. What I would like to point out is that to encourage students to vote, they must be involved in the whole electoral process and therefore must be highly informed. I know several people who in the first semester expressed an intent to run but ended up NOT running just because of the late information about the elections. I can only point to lack information on the part of the students to which the COMELEC and Sanggu must be responsible for.

Student Parties and their Platforms

Two (2) parties ran against each other both with visions of a Sanggunian better than the present.

Here are the links of the 2 parties and their platforms:

Partido Ignacio

No objections to what they want to do for the council and the studentry. What is lacking there is their vision of the Sanggunian and its constituents as part of the Filipino society. Partido Ignacio mentions some issues (i.e. Charter Change) but it remains secondary in the context it was used. Agila uses the term "nation" in their vision but the concept of that nation is within the Loyola Schools. The observation then, is that these parties propagate a culture of inwardness or simply put, Ateneo-centric. I am not surprised since this culture is prevalent in the whole Ateneo de Manila University. "Nasa kanila na ang lahat ng pamamaraan para makialam: tv, radio, newspapers, the internet. Pero wala silang kaalam-alam sa issues. Hindi man lang magbasa ng news sa internet. Ang sine-search entertainment, gadgets," a teacher laments in one of our conversations. In my experience, you’re lucky if at least 5 of your classmates read the newspaper cover to cover.

The student council and student parties play a major role in politicization of the studentry. These are the people the community deems as their leaders, representatives. What are the plan of Partido Ignacio and Agila, within our outside the Sanggunian in breaking this apathy within the Ateneo Community? This breaking of silence, I believe, should be a major part of platforms by the student parties.

Ateneo prides itself for producing "well rounded leaders". Let us ask ourselves honestly, does it really? These "well rounded leaders" that the Ateneo boasts of are a very select few. It is not a norm which should not be the case.

In Ateneo’s Vision/Mission Statement

"As a Filipino University, the Ateneo de Manila seeks to identify and enrich Philippine culture and make its own. Through the education of the whole person and the formation of needed professionals and through various corporate activities, the University aims to contribute to the development goals of the nation.

As a Catholic University, the Ateneo de Manila seeks to form persons who, following the teachings and example of Christ, will devote their lives to the service of others and, through the promotion of justice, serve especially those who are most in need of help, the poor and the powerless. Loyal to the teachings of the Catholic Church, the University seeks to serve the Faith and to interpret its teachings to modern Philippine society."

How can Ateneans "identify and enrich Philippine culture.." when it cannot rid itself of the “elitist” culture? When it does not integrate itself with the common tao?

How can Ateneans "…seek to serve the Faith and to interpret its teachings to modern Philippine society" when a large number of us do not know society itself?

I do not wish to get the ire of the Student Parties. These are my observations. My wish is that the parties and the next Sanggunian will see this as a challenge to take bolder steps in breaking this kind of culture. See this as a challenge to Ateneans that we are not only students of the Ateneo… we are part of the Philippine society.

Joke ng isang teacher na true to life daw* during the height of the "Hello Garci" issue:

La Salle Brothers: O, papatalksikin na si Gloria, nasan na ang mga Atenista?

Maryknoll sisters: Alam mo naman ang mga Heswita... e di ayun, nagco-contemplate pa...
*This was a joke told to us by a teacher during the height of the ConAss issue las December.

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